21 Free Covid-19 Offers for Wedding Photographers

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This has been a tough time for our industry and for photographers personally. We’ve seen all aspects of human behavior come out, good and not-so-good. Below are some of the people and companies who are giving back to our community right now. I’ve decided to limit this article to featuring only the ones that are free, or have extended free trials, rather than companies offering discounts you still have to pay for.

There are a lot of opportunities on the list I’ve compiled below and if you’re already feeling easily overwhelmed these days my advice is to pick the three that appeal to you the most and start with those. Come back later for anything else.

So, without further ado, take a look at the resources below and find the ones that help most!


Corona Guide: A Survival Guide for Wedding Photographers

From the clever people at NineDots. Link here.

Includes useful templates for emailing clients, cash flow plans, and more. Straight-talk with a sense of humor—just what you need to quell the panic and make calm choices.

Two-Mann Workshops

Join their Facebook group for personality-filled lessons from two masters of their craft at the top of the game. Free online workshops, including Gaining Your Clients’ Trust, Posing For Posers, and more. Linky-link.

Sue Bryce Education

Free access to all her online courses! Everything from posing, lighting, business, to valuing yourself, and more. Over 300 courses and 460 hours of educational resources. Link.

How To Build A Six-Figure Wedding Photography Business

Jump in quick for this free webinar masterclass by wedding photographer Jai Long. It’s running on the 27th of April, 11AM EST. Here is the link.

PPA Education

The PPA has educational videos and and upcoming webinars on just about any photography-related topic you can think of, all free right now. Your link, my dear.


Aside from having a super-clever logo, Coursera has loads of free online courses from respected universities, including The Science of Wellbeing from Yale, Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success from Imperial College London, and The Strategy of Content Marketing from the University of California, and others.

ahrefs academy

Blogging for Business online course. Goals and strategies for growing your business through your blog and converting readers into subscribers and clients. Normally a $799 course—and well worth it—totally free right now. Here’s yer link.

SLR Lounge

OK, so this is not exactly a coronavirus offer specifically, but it’s super useful so I’m adding it to the list anyway. Learn tons of useful things, from posing, lighting, business advice, and so much more—all free! Check out their YouTube channel here.


Venerable manufacturer of all things shiny and collectable, Leica, is offering free lessons and artist spotlights. Learn more here.

Tech & Tools


One of the best-known names for mastering your social media channels, Hootsuite is offering you their professional plan completely free until July 1st. Go here to find out more.


Digital marketing tools out the wahzoo! SemRush is currently giving free access to their Social Media Toolkit. Link.


Zoho is offering their complete suite of web and mobile apps, called Remotely, to help you communicate, collaborate, and be über productive, free till July 1st. Stop, collaborate and listen here.


Since the whole quarantine thing, you’ve probably spent a lot of time video conferencing with apps like Zoom. Well, if you want to take your conferencing up a few notches try WebEx for 90 days free right now. Link.


Just when you thought video conferencing couldn’t get cooler, there’s Jamm, baby! Video conferencing and chat with a more user-friendly vibe. Good for quick calls and ongoing collaborations. Here’s the link.


A dynamic document signing and payment processing app, PandaDoc’s Free eSign gives you the following capabilities, for unlimited users and totally free of charge:

  • Unlimited document uploads
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Payment processing with credit card, PayPal, or ACH. 


Trivial tidbit: I can never spell ‘ghost’ right the first time. Just when I think I have it worked out I jump to a new parallel universe where the spelling changes. Same with Teusday. See?

Gohstery does web security and privacy, including tracking protection, VPN, and ad blocking. Normally $14/month, Goostery are offering a free three-month license using the coupon code WORKATHOME. Check out the spooky savings here.


Stress makes it harder to remember, uh, stuff. To save you the unnecessary mental pressure of recalling each and every password you use, 1Password is offering six months free for their business plan, which is normally $8/month. Now where did I put that link? Oh, yeah.

Affinity Photo

Ever wished you could break free of [whispers] Adobe but didn’t want to invest in another piece of software for long enough to learn it? Well, now’s your chance, because Affinity Photo currently has a free 90-day fully functioning trial of their super powerful photo editor. Here is the link. By the way, if you do decide to buy it, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a one-time payment, with no subscription. It’s also currently 50% off normal price at a ridiculous $25 USD.

Adobe Creative Suite

Is it in poor taste to put this after the last entry? Hmm. Super awesome imagery company Adobe has a way to get 60 days free for your photography subscription plan. Check out the (somewhat convoluted) instructions here.


Want to learn how to edit video or upgrade your production capabilities? Apple has Final Cut Pro free for 90 days. Ready for your close-up? Lights, camera, link!

Financial Help


Format is providing $500 to photographers struggling during this time. It’s not much to keep a household going, but it’s still quite generous of them and it’s open to anyone. You can apply here.


That’s all from me for now. Next week I’ll post what I’ve learned over the years about how to overcome stress and how to exist in captivity with your loved ones without wanting to kill each other.

Hang in there, my friends.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing this!

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