Master Your Bookings: Know Your Value

by Photo Mastery
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You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.

Maya Angelou

Companies who know their “why” achieve greater success than those that don’t. 

It’s important to ask yourself why do you do what you do. But let’s go a step further. 

Ask yourself this question: 

What benefits do my products and services bring my clients?

If you can answer this question for every step along the way of their experience, it will give you clarity and boost your confidence in yourself and your products. Your enthusiasm will shine through, your couples will pick up on this, and your bookings will go up—guaranteed!

If you’re doing anything just because other photographers do it, or because it’s the right thing to do but can’t explain why, you’ll never have full confidence in yourself and your products.

When this, then that

Answer the questions below. Brainstorm multiple answers. If you can, think of things you offer that no one else does quite the same way.

  1. When you book me, you will receive this benefit:
  2. When I photograph your engagement session, you will receive this benefit:
  3. When I photograph your getting ready time, you will receive this benefit:
  4. When I photograph your ceremony, you will receive this benefit:
  5. When I photograph your portraits, you will receive this benefit:
  6. When I photograph your reception, you will receive this benefit:
  7. When I deliver your files, you will receive this benefit:
  8. When I deliver your album, you will receive this benefit:
  9. When I follow up with you, you will receive this benefit:

Here are some example answers from other photographers:

  1. I send you a handwritten thanks-for-booking letter and branded cookies.
  2. I ask what you enjoy doing together and what places have significance to you and incorporate them into your session to make it more personal.
  3. Your guests will feel relaxed in my presence and I’ll capture the natural camaraderie between your friends and family.
  4. My years of experience allow me to anticipate moments, so I can spot moments other people may not see.
  5. I have studied posing and can show you at your best.
  6. My lighting setup complements the reception mood and enhances the image quality.
  7. I offer fast turn-around and easy online access.
  8. I design albums myself, because I know best how to show the flow of the day in the design.
  9. You’ll receive a thank-you card with a gift voucher, plus an email survey that gives you the chance to win a print. 

To take this exercise to the next level, for each answer write down why what you provide is a good thing. For example, why are branded cookies a good thing? Why are they a good thing for your clients? Why are they a good thing for you? What do you like about them?

You don’t have to tell your couples your specific answers, but knowing them will boost your clarity and confidence and help you project your value, which will result in more bookings and happier clients. 

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