Master Your Bookings: Good Feelings, Good Bookings

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Deep in the middle of a Canadian winter my two-year old daughter became afraid of snowplows. This is a problem, because snow in Alberta is as common as crazy people in Florida. Every time a snowplow gets near the house she suddenly stares, wide-eyed and frozen, nervously waiting for it to go away. 

We reason with her and tell her not to worry. That doesn’t work. Fears have a habit of not vanishing just from hearing facts—her fear gets worse. 

Then one day, in two hours, the fear went away and never returned. I’ll tell you how and why this matters for your bookings.

I bought her a toy snowplow and wrote her a silly song about snowplows that made her laugh. I knew that playing with the toy snowplow would give her a feeling of being in control and laughing at your fears diminishes them. 

A couple of hours of playing with the toy and laughing at the song and she lost her fear for good.

What has this to do with your clients, other than if they happen to have a fear of snowplows? 

I Feel Good! I Knew That I Would!

Rather than trying to talk people into people booking you, your couples will book when you make them feel good about themselves. 

How do you make them feel good? That’s simple! You just draw their attention to the things in life that already make them feel good. The obvious one is each other. They already love each other, so bring attention to those feelings. 

What we talk about we think about and this influences how we feel. So talk about how they met, what they love about each other, and so on. For example:

“I just have a few questions I like to ask all my couples to get to know them better, to make sure we’re a good fit and so I can create the best images possible on your wedding day. Are you ready?”

“How did you guys first meet?”

“What did you think of each other when you first met?”

“When did you know they were the one?”

“What is your favourite memory together?”

“What’s something difficult you had to overcome together?”

“Is there something unique and personal to you about your wedding day plans?”

“What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?”

“Do you have any plans for your wedding night? I’m just kidding.”

Make it conversational by using their answers as springboards to further discussion, rather than just grilling them. If you find similarities you can relate to, let them know about your own thoughts and experiences. But keep it short, because you want the spotlight on them. 

If you want more inspiration, do a search online for romantic quizzes for girlfriends and boyfriends to ask each other and adapt the questions.  

Want to increase your enquiry rate even more? Ask one of these questions on your website contact form. Something like, “What’s one special thing about you guys or your wedding day that you can tell me?” Don’t make it a mandatory field, so people in a hurry can still contact you, but put it there to get them thinking happy thoughts.  

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